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This is blog where I answer questions as the Hetalia characters as if they were in high school. Most of the Hetalia characters are students with the exception of ancient civilizations like Rome, Germania, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece who act as Teachers/Faculty. Chibitalia nations are in Elementary.
This is a multishipping blog there are no specific pairings, so questions aren't limited to specific pairings.
If you want a specific character/pairing to answer the question, please specify in the ask who the question is directed to, Otherwise i'll just pick it myself at random. Thank you!
Ask box is open!
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Anonymous sent: do you think you'll ever be updating this blog again admin? cause I really liked it

I’m not sure but I really want to! I only ran it for a short time but I had a lot of fun doing it

((I wonder if I should start putting dialogue on the photo caption))

((it says girly magazine in case you can’t read the handwriting))

Italy likes to take naps, Japan likes to spend time with his cat, and Germany likes to read!

((also haha sorry for the long break!))

((I’m back from vacation!!))

Quick announcement from the Mod!

Hey you guys, I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking a road trip for about a week, so there won’t be that many updates until I get back. Feel free to send questions though. I have a couple questions I haven’t answered yet so i’m sorry that it will take a little longer to answer then I normally would!

On a side note, thank you all for the follows, messages, and notes! I am at 35+ at the moment and I certainly didn’t expect to have this many so quickly. I’m starting to get used to RPing now, to be honest I’ve never RP’d until I made this blog! 

Thank you for your patience and I promise to immediately work on the questions when I get back <3


((basically I figured the best way was by geographic location or by people who have a lot of interaction with each other. I might make a full list later but some of the other people include Austria/Spain, China/Hong Kong or either Macau/Hong Kong, Japan/Greece, Lithuania/Poland, Latvia/Estonia, Belarus/Ukraine, Finland/Sweden, Denmark/Norway/Iceland, Turkey/Egypt, Taiwan/Vietnam. And everyone else is kinda up in the air lol. Also I think dorms aren’t Coed so it makes it a bit difficult, I might change it later I guess.))

((haha I feel like I never answer questions directly, I always go on a tangent gomen))